2017 Race for Results Report: Illinois Children of Color Continue to Face Barriers to Success
Written by Anna Rowan Illinois’ success as a state is directly tied to the well-being of every one of its children. Yet, too many Illinois young people, especially children of color and children living in immigrant families, still face barriers that limit their opportunities for success, according to the 2017 Race for Results report from the Annie E.
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Tasha Green Cruzat on the 2017 Illinois Kids Count Report (WCIU-TV)
Voices’ President, Tasha Green Cruzat, on WCIU-TV discussing the 2017 Illinois Kids Count report and what all of us can do to support kids in our state.
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Racial Disparities Persist in Juvenile Detention Admissions
While the total number of Illinois juveniles placed in detention facilities has declined over the years, racial inequalities persist in terms of those placed in such facilities. The state must continue to move forward with critical reforms, needed to ensure that all juveniles – regardless of race – are given an equal opportunity to lead successful lives.

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Voices for Illinois Children Newsletter – December 6, 2017
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Tasha Green Cruzat Commentary: Turn down the Senate tax bill
U.S. Capitol At the end of the day, the federal tax reform debate comes down to a simple fact: Everyday working families will likely end up paying more for health care, housing, and college, so U.S. businesses can get a large tax cut. At least, those that actually pay taxes. Combined with other tax relief measures in the bill, the Senate tax reform plan would increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion over the next ten years.
Looking at the Fragile State of Public Higher Education in Illinois
higher-education Attaining a college degree has never been more important for economic success than it is in the 21st century. The public university system is also the epicenter of the nation’s research apparatus, paving the way for the advancements that have affected every aspect of modern life. Yet, in spite of the essential nature of a thriving higher education system, Illinois is falling behind and jeopardizing the state’s ability to be a thriving economic epicenter for the United States and the entire world.