Illinois Kids Count 2015: ‘Confronting Poverty, Creating Opportunity’

The Illinois Kids Count 2015 report, “Confronting Poverty, Creating Opportunity,” reveals that more than 600,000 Illinois children live in poverty and that child poverty rates are likely to remain high even as the economy improves. The report also identifies policies that have been effective in alleviating and reducing child poverty. Unfortunately, existing efforts at the state level would be seriously weakened by the Governor’s proposed budget, which includes deep cuts in health care, child care assistance, child protection services, and other areas.

It All Adds Up Featured
It All Adds Up: Early Math Initiatives in Illinois

Math is all around us, and research suggests that children understand math concepts even before they can speak. Not only are they “born learning,” but they are also born learning math. A new report from Voices and the CME Group Foundation highlights early math initiatives in Illinois and makes recommendations to expand these initiatives so that every young child has the chance to explore early mathematics.

Medicaid Explained: How It Works & Why It’s So Important

Illinois’ investments in Medicaid and related health insurance programs have resulted in one of the lowest uninsured rates for children in the nation. Threatened cuts to Medicaid, however, would jeopardize access to health care for low-income children, their families, and vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled. With state Medicaid spending per enrollee already the lowest in the Midwest, policymakers should not cut access to health care in an attempt to solve the state’s budget crisis. 

Issues In Focus

2015 Illinois Kids Count Chicago Symposium
credit: US Department of Education

Join us on March 12 for the 2015 Illinois Kids Count Chicago Symposium at Loyola University’s Regents Hall with keynote speaker Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and former chief economist and economic adviser to Vice President Joseph Biden. 

How Much Would Your Town Lose Under Governor’s Budget?

In addition to deep cuts to services, Governor Rauner’s cuts-only budget proposal would slash revenue sharing to localities in half — more than $600 million. Find out how much communities around the state stand to lose and why it threatens their ability to provide core services their residents’ demand.

Creating a brighter future through ‘A Stronger Illinois’
A Stronger Illinois for Web-23

We are a stronger Illinois when we invest in strong families, communities, and local economies. By highlighting the stories of real Illinoisans, a new series of reports from the Fiscal Policy Center shows that our state creates a brighter future when we make critical public investments. The series also estimates how programs and the communities they serve would be impacted by the loss of billions of dollars in revenue.

Statement from Voices’ President: Governor Rauner’s Call to Invest in Next Generation Requires Revenue

Read President Gaylord Gieseke’s statement on Voices’ eagerness to work with Governor Rauner to address the state’s budget challenges in a way that supports — rather than undermines — critical areas such as education, child care, health, and public safety.