2014 Election Toolkit

The best thing we can do this fall to make a difference for Illinois children and families is to engage candidates in our communities and vote on November 4th, 2014. Voices has assembled an election toolkit to make your job as a voter easier. In it you’ll find information on issues impacting children and families to consider when casting your vote, questions to ask candidates, our take on ballot questions, a “how to” guide for holding a candidate forum in your community, and general information about where and how to register and vote.

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Preschool for Some? A Closer Look at Disparities in Access to Preschool in Illinois

A new report and accompanying issue brief from Voices examines existing preschool opportunities and outstanding needs in Illinois, highlighting areas for improvement to reduce disparities related to family income, race-ethnicity, and geographic area within the state.

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Help 1 in 5 Illinois Children, Boost State Economy

Raising the state minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour would benefit an estimated 1.1 million Illinois workers and nearly one in five Illinois children (about 583,000). And new research indicates that these clear benefits to low-wage workers come with little discernible effect on employment.

Issues In Focus

ICTC Launches Look Through Their Eyes Campaign
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Look Through Their Eyes is a public awareness campaign launched by the Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition (ICTC) intended to increase awareness among parents and care-givers of the importance of prevention, early identification, and treatment of childhood trauma. Check out the campaign website to learn more about childhood trauma and to find service providers.

Letter from Voices’ President: Revenue Needed to Prioritize Early Childhood Education

Gaylord Gieseke’s Letter to the Editor in the Springfield Journal-Register makes the case for revenue in order to support a budget that prioritizes early childhood education. 

Report: Revenue Collapse Threatens State Economy

If Illinois’ income tax rates decline as scheduled at the end of this year, the resulting revenue collapse will threaten the state’s economic recovery, curtail the ability to support vital investments, and create more uncertainty over how the state will meet its obligations. Rather than dig a much deeper hole that would further undermine confidence in the state, the better way to put Illinois back on track is to maintain stable and sustainable revenue so that the state can invest in what really matters for job creation and economic growth. 

Fiscal Notes — The New Blog from the Fiscal Policy Center

Check out Fiscal Notes, the new blog from the Fiscal Policy Center at Voices. Fiscal Notes is your new go-to source for the latest on the budget and tax issues driving the debate on our state’s future–particularly our investments in children. On Fiscal Notes, you’ll find timely analysis on issues central to Illinois.