IL Children and Families Can’t Afford to Be Hostages in a Budget Crisis!
As of July 1, the state has stopped funding vital services for children, families, and communities. Providers have already been forced to cut off families from vital services and eliminate essential jobs. Some have closed their doors. Budgets are choices. Tell our leaders it’s time to choose Illinois children, families, and communities!
Medicaid Chartbook LCG rasterized-29
Medicaid at 50: Transforming Lives through Better Health
Medicaid has transformed health care for millions of Illinoisans–most of them children–over the past 50 years. To celebrate the anniversary of this critical program, we’ve created a new chartbook explaining Medicaid in simple terms, why it is so important, who is covered, and why it is such a good deal for Illinois–all with easy-to-understand language and infographics.
Illinois Kids Count 2015: ‘Confronting Poverty, Creating Opportunity’
The Illinois Kids Count 2015 report, “Confronting Poverty, Creating Opportunity,” reveals that more than 600,000 Illinois children live in poverty and that child poverty rates are likely to remain high even as the economy improves. The report also identifies policies that have been effective in alleviating and reducing child poverty. Unfortunately, existing efforts at the state level would be seriously weakened by the Governor’s proposed budget, which includes deep cuts in health care, child care assistance, child protection services, and other areas.

Issues In Focus

Voices’ Leadership Transition
Harry Wells - Small After almost three decades with Voices, Gaylord Gieseke stepped down as President at the end of June. Voices thanks Gaylord for her strategic leadership and expertise during her many years with the organization. Harry Wells, an experienced non-profit executive, became Interim President on July 20 and will help Voices transition to permanent leadership and a new era of advocacy for Illinois children.
Choose Revenue to Avoid Harmful Cuts
Choose-Revenue-Feature A new Fiscal Policy Center report shows that Governor Rauner and lawmakers have a broad range of revenue options to avoid harmful cuts. Devastating cuts to services are not inevitable: They are a choice. And, choosing to raise the resources necessary to invest in children, families, and communities is the best thing we can do to propel our state toward economic prosperity.
Budgeting for the Future by Investing in the Well-Being of Our Children, Families, and Communities
Chartbook cover This chartbook conveys the importance of investing in the well-being of our children and the families and communities in which they develop in order to build a stronger state now and in the future. It also makes the case for making tax and budget decisions today that shore-up instead of undermine these investments.
How Much Would Your Town Lose Under Governor’s Budget?
IL-map-highways In addition to deep cuts to services, Governor Rauner’s cuts-only budget proposal would slash revenue sharing to localities in half — more than $600 million. Find out how much communities around the state stand to lose and why it threatens their ability to provide core services their residents’ demand.