Another Threat to Health Care for Illinois Women and Children
If Illinoisans were worried about losing coverage under the last version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) proposed at the federal level, the latest incarnation will do little to reassure them.[1] Medicaid provides health coverage to low-income children and their families, pregnant women, persons who are disabled, and seniors.
FY18 Budget cover
The Governor’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget: Balanced -in name
With the hope of closing a budget gap of more than $7 billion, Governor Bruce Rauner has presented the legislature with a Fiscal Year 2018 budget totaling $37.3 billion. His proposed methods for closing the gap includes some additional revenue but also a set of legislative measures to reform pensions, procurement, state employee health care, and human services.
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Higher Education Funding Cuts, Reduced Enrollment
The on-going impasse in Springfield continues to put a severe strain on the public university system in Illinois. As the legislature and governor fail to approve a complete budget for the fiscal year, it puts universities in the unenviable situation of having to raise tuition and fees while also looking at ways to cut costs.

Issues In Focus

Paid Sick Leave Benefits Children’s Health
Emergency Room This month, the Illinois Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation to protect children’s health by providing Illinois workers with paid sick days. The Healthy Workplace Act (HB 2771) would allow an employee to accrue and use up to five paid sick days per year. Employees may use their paid sick days to care for themselves or a family member.
Illinois Falling Short in Reducing Income Inequality
Illinois As another year’s tax season comes to a close, Illinois data continues to show that we must work harder to enact policies that reduce income inequality in our state.  In Illinois, income inequality is high and has worsened over time. The very rich are getting richer. Since 1979, incomes among the top 1% of Illinois households increased by 137%, while the incomes of the remaining set of households only increased by 1%.
Agenda to Build Better Lives
voices_agenda_nov2016-cover Read Voices for Illinois Children’s Agenda for Building Better Lives that outlines steps we believe the state must take on behalf of Illinois children and families. In shaping our Agenda, Voices connected with both communities and partner organizations to ensure that we are operating in the most effective advocacy space for children and families.
Message from Voices’ President
Tasha Green Cruzat head shot - website January 20, 2017 It is an uncertain time for Illinois and the nation. The new administration in Washington is certain to make decisions at the federal level that will reverberate in Illinois. As the Illinois Legislature makes tentative moves toward a resolution to the 19-month budget impasse, localities and non-profit organizations are still in dire need of resources to provide services and help residents meet their basic needs.