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All Kids Health Insurance: Progress and Challenges

In July 2006, Illinois began implementing of its “All Kids” health insurance program, which offers coverage for uninsured children regardless of family income, health status, or immigration status. The All Kids benefit package is nearly identical to the services covered by Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The basic structure of All Kids is an extension of SCHIP; families are responsible for monthly premiums and co-payments on a sliding scale based on household income. For example, for a family of four with an income be- tween 200 and 300 percent of the federal poverty level ($21,200 in 2008), monthly premiums are $40 per child, with a maximum of $80, while the maximum annual co-payment is $500 per child. At the higher end, a family of four with income at or above 800 percent of poverty pays $300 per child per month with no cap on premiums or co-payments (see Exhibit 1). Download and read report

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