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Path to Full Employment

As we all know, jobs are too scarce and wages for most workers are stagnant. To get us back to full employment — where there are enough jobs so that the vast majority of those who want a job can find one — the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has started the Full Employment Project, which is being led by Jared Berstein, a senior fellow at CBPP and former chief economic adviser to Vice President Biden.  

The year-long project, which kicked off today with an event at the National Press Club in Washington DC, seeks to start “a national dialogue to focus greater attention on the goal of full employment.” The event was keynoted by Larry Summer, former Secretary of the Treasury and President of Harvard University. As part of the project, economists and other experts have released policy proposals to help get our country back to full employment. 

Below is the video from today’s kickoff:

YouTube Preview Image