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Higher Education Funding Cuts, Reduced Enrollment
May 16, 2017
Op-Ed: Illinois should close Kewanee youth prison
Chicago Tribune
April 27, 2016
League: End The Deadlock, Illinois
Daily North Shore
November 15, 2015
Governor Rauner running Illinois like a business, starting with Illinois Lottery
November 13, 2015
Battle over child care program heats up
Illinois News Network
November 10, 2015
Gov. Rauner Backs Down On Restrictions For State Child Care Assistance
Seating Chair
November 10, 2015
AARP Urges Legislature to Override Governor’s Veto, Protect Older Illinoisans
November 10, 2015
Rauner raises child care limit
Jacksonville Journal Courier
November 10, 2015
Rauner eases child care requirements in Illinois
Bills Insider
November 10, 2015
Governor, legislators reach compromise on child care assistance
My TechBits
November 10, 2015