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Children’s Advocacy Group Calls Out Illinois Lawmakers



November 19, 2016

A lack of a balanced state budget — and a $10 billion stack of unpaid bills — is a bad combination for Illinois, and a children’s advocacy group is calling out our leaders.

Voices for Illinois Children is out with a ten-point “Agenda to Build Better Lives.” The group’s president, Tasha Green Cruzat, says the agenda includes a graduated income tax, an idea which regularly finds little currency in Springfield.

“It’s important to really start making our efforts just to have a fair tax system, right?” says Voices for Illinois Children president Tasha Green Cruzat. “And so we realize that it’s going to take a lot of work, and that when you are talking about changing something as vast as that, you’re really going to have to really do your work.”

The 10-point agenda calls for:
•Investments in early childhood education and programs
•Investments in youth and their communities
•Racial equity impact assessments to gauge the effect of appropriation and policy decisions on communities of color
•A non-flat state income tax
•Doubling the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit
•A state Child Tax Credit
•Paid family and medical leave
•A Children’s Savings Account for every child born in Illinois
•Investing in children’s early math skills
•Addressing chronic absenteeism from school

Cruzat says there’s reason for optimism – Illinois is a great state with great people.

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