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Competitive K-12 Education is Vital for a Stronger Illinois

K-12 education is a vital investment in Illinois families and communities. Nearly 90% of Illinois’ school-age children — 2 million students — depend on our public schools to get a solid scholastic curriculum and to develop the analytical, creative, and technical skills needed to be competitive in an increasingly complex global economy.

But schools across Illinois have been facing tough choices that often result in limiting the educational opportunities they are able to offer their students due to years of inadequate state education funding followed by cuts of 9% to per pupil funding since 2009, adjusted for inflation.

And unless lawmakers act now, education could be cut by another $1 billion — cuts that could lead to 13,000 teacher layoffs, more crowded classrooms, and the elimination of arts, language, and sports programs.

To understand what is at stake for Illinois students, read our seventh report in the “A Stronger Illinois” series and check out Voices’ discussion with Watchdog Radio:


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