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Deep K-12 education cuts coming due to revenue collapse

The Fiscal Policy Center estimates below show the massive cuts to General State Aid (GSA) that are in store for districts across the state due to the looming revenue collapse.  

The estimates show just how devastating the cuts to school funding will be for children, families and communities across Illinois if lawmakers don’t maintain stable, sustainable revenue this year. 

Due to the deep $2.4 billion budget shortfall for fiscal year 2015, which begins July 1, the House K-12 Education Appropriations Committee will have to cut almost $1 billion from K-12 and early childhood education, or 14% of current appropriations. 

Here’s the breakdown by district that shows the cut in funding between the current year (FY 2014) and FY 2015, the estimated per-pupil funding loss, and the number of students who could be funded by the loss at the current state Foundation Level of $6,119.*

Download (XLSX, 121KB)

* The Foundation Level is the minimum amount of funding per pupil that the state has committed to providing, taking into account local district resources. In recent years, the state has not appropriated enough money to fund even this level, so has prorated each district’s funding. In the last two years, the proration percentage has been 89 percent. 

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