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General Assembly Passes a New State Budget

Children, families, and communities will continue to face tough times under the state budget that the General Assembly has approved for the new fiscal year beginning on July 1. In FY 2012, General Funds appropriations for state agencies, which account for about 70 percent of the total General Funds spending, will be $1.6 billion below the level proposed by the Governor (see Table 1).1 This policy bulletin provides an overview of the FY 2012 budget and summarizes significant reductions in funding for the State Board of Education, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Department of Human Services, which represent almost two-thirds of the difference between the Governor’s proposed budget and the budget approved by the General Assembly (see Tables 2-3). The policy implications and program impacts of the approved FY 2012 budget are best understood by comparing it with both FY 2011 funding and the Governor’s FY 2012 recommendations. In some instances — for example, Medicaid-funded programs — the Governor’s proposal reflects the more relevant and more accurate policy baseline. Download and read report

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