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Creating a brighter future through ‘A Stronger Illinois’

We are a stronger Illinois when we invest in strong families, communities, and local economies. By highlighting the stories of real Illinoisans, a new series of reports from the Fiscal Policy Center shows that our state creates a brighter future when we make critical public investments. The series also estimates how programs and the communities they serve would be impacted by the pending loss of billions of dollars in revenue.

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1 in 5 Illinois kids benefit

Raising the state minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour would benefit an estimated 1.1 million Illinois workers and nearly one in five Illinois children (about 583,000). And new research indicates that these clear benefits to low-wage workers come with little discernible effect on employment.


The failure of the General Assembly to extend current income tax rates past their December 31 expiration resulted in an irresponsible budget that stops the improvement of Illinois’ finances in its tracks. However, it is not too late for lawmakers to do the right thing: maintain stable revenue to avoid deep service cuts, an increase in unpaid bills, and further credit downgrades.

Fiscal Notes Blog

November 21, 2014

Parks and recreation — natural drivers of health for both Illinoisans and our economy — are in danger of further cuts if state lawmakers allow revenue to plunge next year, according to the latest report in the Fiscal Policy Center’s “A Stronger Illinois” series.…

November 21, 2014

In an anti-minimum wage editorial earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune gave the impression that a consensus exists among economists that raising the minimum wage costs jobs.…

November 12, 2014

The Fiscal Policy Center has launched “A Stronger Illinois” — an exciting new seven-part series that highlights the positive impact of public investments on the lives of families, communities, and local economies in Illinois.…

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