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New Report: Invest in Youth – Not Prisons
Putting youth in prisons is the most expensive and least effective way to respond to juvenile delinquency. Yet Illinois spends heavily on unnecessary prison facilities while neglecting community-based alternatives to incarceration, according to a new report from Voices’ Fiscal Policy Center. By shifting investment from youth prisons to research-backed, community-based alternatives, Illinois can help youth succeed, improve public safety, and save taxpayers money.

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IMG_0853 Illinois residents should be ready to pay an additional $886 million in general funds in the next fiscal year (which starts July 1st) towards pensions for state employees, teachers, staff at state universities, judges, and legislators. That’s the total change from this fiscal year (FY17) after the state pension systems[1] set their contribution amounts and the State Auditor (a firm hired by the Auditor General) reviewed them.
IL Capitol v2 The lack of a full state budget nine months into the fiscal year continues to have devastating impacts for children, families, and communities. In an update to its September 2015 report, the Fiscal Policy Center captures the damage occuring in 60 different public service areas.

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February 27, 2017
When the week ended, the State of Illinois had a backlog of bills totaling $12.2 billion dollars.…
February 22, 2017
With the hope of closing a budget gap of more than $7 billion, Governor Bruce Rauner has presented the legislature with a Fiscal Year 2018 budget totaling $37.3 billion.…
February 15, 2017
Governor Bruce Rauner today presented a proposed state budget for Fiscal Year 2018 that is built on a $7 billion gambit that includes cuts to human service programs.…
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