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Budget Crisis Update: Devastating Impacts Continue to Grow
The lack of a full state budget nine months into the fiscal year continues to have devastating impacts for children, families, and communities. In an update to its September 2015 report, the Fiscal Policy Center captures the damage occuring in 60 different public service areas. The resulting large-scale dismantling of vital parts of Illinois’ health, human service, and higher education systems is inflicting long-term damage that will take many years to repair.

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Kewanee Youth Center Voices President Tasha Green Cruzat called for the state to close the Illinois Youth Center at Kewanee in a Chicago Tribune op-ed with Hoy McConnell, executive director of Business and Professional People for the Public Interest. The Kewanee Youth Center — in reality a prison for youth — leaves many youth “in worse condition than when they entered and be more likely to reoffend.”
Revenue Collapse Cutting services to balance the fiscal year 2016 budget instead of modernizing our outdated tax system will harm rather than boost Illinois’ economy now while undermining the very investments needed for a stronger economic future, like education, roads and bridges, health care, and public safety.

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May 25, 2016
Imagine, if you will, these three things happening: Lawmakers and Governor Rauner fail to raise revenue for fiscal year 2017, which begins July 1.…
May 15, 2016
Illinois owes 800 service providers more than $350 million under contracts the state issued but lacks the appropriations authority to pay, according to Department of Human Services data obtained by the Fiscal Policy Center.…
May 13, 2016
The General Assembly passed by overwhelming bipartisan votes a $714 million bill (Senate Bill 2038) to fund human services for fiscal year 2016.…
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