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New Report: Invest in Youth – Not Prisons
Putting youth in prisons is the most expensive and least effective way to respond to juvenile delinquency. Yet Illinois spends heavily on unnecessary prison facilities while neglecting community-based alternatives to incarceration, according to a new report from Voices’ Fiscal Policy Center. By shifting investment from youth prisons to research-backed, community-based alternatives, Illinois can help youth succeed, improve public safety, and save taxpayers money.

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IL Capitol v2 The lack of a full state budget nine months into the fiscal year continues to have devastating impacts for children, families, and communities. In an update to its September 2015 report, the Fiscal Policy Center captures the damage occuring in 60 different public service areas.
Kewanee Youth Center Voices President Tasha Green Cruzat called for the state to close the Illinois Youth Center at Kewanee in a Chicago Tribune op-ed with Hoy McConnell, executive director of Business and Professional People for the Public Interest. The Kewanee Youth Center — in reality a prison for youth — leaves many youth “in worse condition than when they entered and be more likely to reoffend.”

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December 5, 2016
Youth prevention and alternative to incarceration programs make communities safer, improve a youth’s chances for success, and save the state unnecessary incarceration costs.…
November 28, 2016
With only three scheduled veto session days remaining and money from the state’s “stopgap” budget set to run out at the end of December, Illinois lawmakers need to act urgently to restore critical programs that strengthen young parents and their children.…
September 26, 2016
Voices for Illinois Children is joining the Responsible Budget Coalition‘s #OneInAMillionIL campaign to shine a light on the human costs of our state’s ongoing budget crisis.…
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