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KIDS COUNT Data Center

The KIDS COUNT Data Center is an online, searchable database with hundreds of state-by-state and county-level indicators on children’s well-being. The KIDS COUNT Data Center provides both Illinois and National KIDS COUNT indicators. Not only can you search for data by state, but you can also compare data across states and nationally. The powerful database allows you to create customized tables, graphs, and maps.

Illinois Profile

The Illinois profile page has about 85 different Illinois KIDS COUNT indicators on children’s well-being and fall within four categories: education, economic well-being, health, and safety and risky behaviors. Each indicator provides the latest state-wide or county-level data.

Navigating the Data Center

All the information in the Data Center is sorted into the two categories below.  Click on a category to find a helpful overview on how to search for certain indicators and use the Data Center to compare data.

For more information on how to use the Data Center, you can refer to our “Navigating the KIDS COUNT Data Center” webinar tutorial slides.

Here are some other helpful tips to make your trip to the KIDS COUNT Data Center easier and quicker.